Eating a tad bit healthier! 

Hi everyone! Have you had a good week? 

It’s been rather hectic over the last few days, so I just wanna share a little post with you this evening. 

I’ve done quite a few posts on loving your insides, so I thought I’d do one on loving my outside! 

Now don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with being big/plus size/ whatever you want to call it. I wear a UK size 20/22 and I’m not ashamed. I go through ups and downs… It all depends on what’s going on really. I LOVE being curvy. I’m not gonna lie I’ve got a great pair of boobs, an awesome bum, and a nice waist to hips contrast. 

The reason I’m trying to be healthier is to tone and sculpt my body. I’m going to Florida next year and I want to flaunt my curves! I personally wouldn’t even want to be under a size 16 because that just wouldn’t suit me. But everyone is beautiful. Whether you’re a size 0 or a size 32, you’re all beautiful and unique and don’t ever change for anyone but yourself!! 

So anyway, this is my attempt at slowly making healthier life choices, to become a fitter person and to look banging in a bikini! 

For breakfast I make a smoothie. With whatever fruit and veg I’ve got in the fridge. I add natural yogurt and water to the mixture and just blend. 

This is partly to ensure I get enough fruit and veg everyday, but also to ensure I have some form of breakfast. I hate cereal and toast in the morning, it is just wrong. So here is my alternative!

For lunch I usually eat a salad. With meat or tuna or whatever I’ve got in the fridge. Otherwise I’ll eat the leftovers from last nights dinner. I find it fills me up a lot more to eat a hot meal for lunch so left overs is a pretty good go-to!

For dinner I have whatever I like. I don’t really need to adjust my dinners because I eat fairly well, often homemade veg curry or a pasta dish or just meat and veg. Obviously if I’ve had a very bad dinner I won’t eat leftovers for lunch the next day :p 

This last bit is the most important factor in my healthy lifestyle choices. 

I drink water and green tea throughout the day. Atleast 3 litres. 

I do daily arm weight exercises (there will be a post on this later) to help with toning my arms. 

I do yoga most days too!! 
So I hope this helps you in some way! I’m sorry this post is so short, but if you need any help please don’t hesitate to comment! I have hundreds of healthy recipes and exercise tips that I am more than happy to share! 

Also if anyone has any recommendations of what they would like as a blog post, I am more than happy to accommodate your suggestion! 

Much love beauties, and never change for anyone but yourselves. 



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