8 books to read before Easter!

Hello everyone!

I thought I would do something a bit different today. As I’ve probably already told you 100 times, I love to read! It’s my go-to for pretty much everything – if i’m stressed, if i’m upset, if I feel lonely, i read. And it helps in so many ways.

So I just want to recommend some reading for all of you 🙂 Whether you like a light read, or a good old romance, or even a suspense thriller, there will be something here for you! I’ve picked 8 books before Easter because, let’s face it, if you’re an avid reader you probably read a book every week, and if you’re not you might only read 1 a month if any, so this way I can keep recommending books to you in a sensible space of time.

Let’s get started!

  1. The Girl on the train- Paula Hawkins
    Ok so you’ve probably all heard of the movie, but I’m happy to admit I haven’t seen the film because I don’t think it can do the book justice. Also, even if you’ve seen the movie, I would still recommend reading the book because it’s amazing. Now suspense and thriller has not really been my thing until recently, and this book is one of the reasons that I have been converted. You spend the entire book trying to work out who’s the antagonist and then BAM! You get it completely wrong anyway. Love it when that happens. I’m not going to say too much and spoil it, the only thing you need to know is that someone goes missing, and the girl on the train holds the key to the answers! READ READ READ!!!
  2. I let you go- Clare Mackintosh

    Oh my goodness. This was one of those books that you think you’ve got the story line absolutely nailed down, you’re just getting into it, and then you get hit in the face and heart by a CURVE BALL of a plot twist. I love this book because you love and hate the main character with equal measure, and you’re not sure if she deserves to rot in hell or be saved. All I will say is there’s a little boy. A grieving mother. A terrified woman. And you should buy this book and read it today! Or borrow it from the library…though I bought this in the super amazing 3 for £5 sale they always have on in the works 🙂 Love that shop.
  3.  The Servant girl- Maggie Hope
    This book will be a great read if you’re a fan of old-fashioned life, with the stately homes and the servants etc. If you love downton abbey, read this book. If you love any kind of Catherine Cookson or are a fan of the woman of substance series, read this book. Hell, even if you’ve never heard of any of these books, I still recommend you read this book!
    It’s got everything you need for a typical period drama. Trouble downstairs in the servant’s quarters, young ladies getting into “trouble”, a lot of tragedy, and a real heart-wrenching story that keeps you gripped to the very end. There’s even a hint of smugglers/ pirate life which I adore! ❤ This book is super easy to read, and one thing I love the most is how you are immediately drawn into the world when you start reading. Maggie Hope is a genius at making you feel a part of the story and the time period, and this book keeps you engaged with the main character and rooting for her right from the first page. A definite spring must!
  4. A place to call home- Carole Matthews 
    If you love a good romance and easy read, then I’m sure you’ve already heard all about Carole Matthews. Interestingly, I do NOT love all of her books. She has written some absolutely amazing novels, and then some which (in my opinion) are incredibly cliche and just boring. Ick. HOWEVER, this gem of a book falls into the first category. It’s basically the tale of an Eastern lady trying to find sanctuary for herself and her daughter, away from her cruel husband. The beautiful thing about it is it shows the goodness in all the people that are “stereotyped” as “no good” or “worthless”, and all the negatives to things which people think are things to strive for, such as wealth and fame. This book had me crying my eyes out, laughing out loud, and when I finished the book it immediately went on the top shelf of my book shelf (reserved for my personal favourites that have touched my heart and changed the way I see the world). This is a book for any woman who feels lost in a relationship, or struggles to feel worthy about herself. It’s also for the person who need to learn that first impressions are not what is important. If you don’t know what “home” means to you, then read this book.
  5. Dawn- Virginia Andrews


Oh yes, Virginia Andrews. Most famous for her flowers in the attic series. This is a book of family betrayals, dark secrets, and the story of how you have to fight for every little thing in the world to call it your own. Virginia Andrews is one of my top 3 female authors of all time, and if you like this book, there’s 4 more in this series, and about 30 odd books she’s written in total. You can pick up most books by Andrews in a 2nd hand book shop for about 50p, as they’re pretty old. But they are fabulous, and they make you realise how fortunate you are.

6. The hidden cottage- Erica James


If you’re a fan of Carole Matthews or Trisha Ashley, the you will like Erica James. I would still class her books are easy reading, although the content is slightly denser than say, a place to call home. I have read several Eric James books and I have thoroughly enjoyed them all, but this is the one that stuck out the most to me.

I love this book because it’s about a man finding closure on his childhood, and an older lady remembering what love is. This book is powerful because it’s not your typical boy meets girl, they fall in love, the end book, but it is about love and all of the characters are memorable. This book is perfect for holiday reading, or a good book to snuggle down to with a hot chocolate in the evening.

7. The twelve days of Christmas- Trisha Ashley


I love Trisha Ashley novels! She is my go-to author when I want to read a really girl romance book, or a feel-good book when you need to remember why we all have to go through heartbreaks in life. I know this is technically a christmas book however, it is my favourite Trisha Ashley book, and it’s not even really about Christmas. What I love most about Trisha Ashley books is how all the Characters link together as they are generally all based in the same set of towns. You’ll be reading about Character A going to the shop and all of a sudden she bumps into your favourite character from the last Trisha Ashley book you read, and it makes you happy. And there are no loose ends that don’t make sense, which is always a must when books are entwined with each other.

Another thing i love is that every Trisha Ashley book comes with recipes! FABULOUS! This book in particular though is a great read, even without all these added bonuses. It’s about a girl who hates Christmas who is hired to house sit an estate over the holidays. It combines the old school feel in a very subtle way, and you find yourself drawn into the village life as she discovers that she may have links to the house itself!

I love this book and I would highly recommend this and ALL other Trisha Ashley books. Go Trisha!!

8. The Shop on blossom street- Debbie Macomber


This is the first book I’ve read by Debbie Macomber and I will definitely be reading more of her work. This is another girly read, but it’s about 4 people from different walks of life all drawn together in one club. They think they won’t get along, you think they won’t get along, but they actually realise how much they need each other. What’s great about this book is that the ‘trouble maker’ of the group turns out to be the one who helps and saves the older ladies of the group who looked down on her. It’s a cute lesson on accepting people as they are, for they might surprise you.

So there you have it- my first 8 book recommendations! Let me know what you think, if you’d rather I focus on a particular genre next time, or just keep doing what I’m doing.

I hope you all have a lovely day and I will speak to you soon! 🙂



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