Everyday makeup

Hey everyone!

How are you?

Today I wanted to share with you a very natural makeup look for the day time. It’s perfect for work or going shopping, it’s just so diverse and really compliments all your features whilst keeping it natural. It’s especially good at enhancing blue eyes, which obviously I have !


Step one- Cleanse your face and moisturise

My last blog post details my daily cleanse so I won’t repeat it here 🙂 Basically I use St Ives face exfoliator and Boots No 7 day cream.

Step two- Primer and foundation


I start with seventeen skin wow primer. It retails at boots for only £4.99 but it is so good! Sorry for the bad picture, it came straight from the boots website. downloadnyx-foundation
Then I use nyx stay matte but not flat liquid foundation in the colour Ivory ( yes I am super pale). You can put on foundation with a beauty blender, a foundation brush, or just be naughty like me and put it on with your fingers. Another way I like to do it is using a Kabuki brush, but keep it separate from the brush you use to contour.

Step three- Concealer and powder

Next I use the seventeen wow concealer to cover the dark circles under my eyes and any other blemishes on my skin that need a little extra coverage.
I finish off my face with the Rimmel lasting finish powder in the shad soft beige to set my foundation and keep it on for longer 🙂










Step four- Eye makeup

This is by far my favourite part of doing my makeup. I absolutely adore eyeshadow, I think it’s the one thing that really sculpts your entire ‘look’ for that day. As I am going for a really simple everyday look, I used 2 nyx single eyeshadows. The first is in the shade pixie, it’s a beautiful soft amber peach colour, which I brushed over my whole lid. The second is the shade damagimg_0636e control, which I buffed into the outer corners of my eyelids and blending it through my eye crease.

Once it is fully blended, I use the L’oreal false lash sculpt mascara on both the top and bottom lashes.

For my brows I simply use a dark brown eye shadow and gently shape and fill in my brows with a slanted eyeshadow brush.




Step five- Contour and blush

As this is really simple makeup, all I did was take the dark shade from the SEVENTEEN define and conquer contour kit and blend it under my cheekbones using a bronzing brush.

Step six- lippy!

I used my favourite liquid lipstick, which is the Sleek matte me in the shade Birthday suit. It’s a beautiful nude with pinky tones and I just love it!

And there you have it! That is the complete look, I really hope you like it. Let me know what you think, and once again i’m sorry about some of the dodgy quality of the photos and some of the lighting – I’m new to these kind of posts and I’m thinking I need to invest in a digital camera!

Lots of love



Here is a list of all the products I have discussed:

Liquid lipstick: http://www.boots.com/sleek-makeup-matte-me-lip-gloss-10214320
Foundation: http://www.boots.com/nyx-professional-makeup-stay-matte-but-not-flat-liquid-foundation-10207903
Concealer: http://www.boots.com/seventeen-skin-wow-concealer-10213485
Nyx eyeshadows: http://www.boots.com/nyx-professional-makeup-hot-singles-eye-shadow-10207796


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