February favourites!

Hello everybody, how are you?

As we’re now firmly into march, I thought I would share with you my favourite things from last month. I love reading these posts written by other people, and watching vlogs on it, so I thought it was high time I did one myself! So let me know if you like it, and I will continue to do the every month. On with the show!!

Favourite #1- Book


Oh my goodness! This book! I honestly can say I have never read a book like it. It’s creepy and weird and heart-wrenching all wrapped up in one novel. I’m not going to say too much on it, because there is a book review post coming soon ALL ABOUT IT, but I would highly recommend it. Basically, it’s about a group of children (or are they?) who grow up in a school with a fixed path set out for them… and the journey of discovering whether or not they have feelings and souls or not…. I can’t even explain it adequately, it’s just a bloody amazing book so go and read it 🙂

Favourite #2- Film


First I need to explain to you that I hate horror films. I’m a total wuss, and because I believe in the devil and possession etc etc etc, I do everything I can to avoid silly films about them.


This film is so clever! No, it’s not about the Devil, it’s about a mirror in a house…. But it is such a good film for suspense. I was on the edge on my seat, I didn’t pause it for any snack or toilet breaks… and that’s how you know it’s a good film.

It also has Karen Gillan in it, who is an amazing actress, I just adore her. So yes, go and watch it! It’s not on netflix but it may be on amazon prime?? Or, if not, you can probably rent it on sky movies for like £3

Favourite #3- TV Program


So I know that prison break has technically been out for years, but I have only just discovered it and I am obsessed! I found it on netflix, when I was searching for something to fill the void that orange is the new black and the originals leaves in my life at this time of the year. And this programme definitely fits the bill! I must watch at least 4 episodes a day… and I’m currently on season 3.

It follows the story of a guy being wrongly convicted of killing the president’s brother… and now he’s on death row. So his brother comes to break him out of prison… and the tory begins. It’s amazing. It’s thrilling. There’s all the politics of both inside and outside of crime, hot guys, cute girls, it’s got everything, I love it, add it to your watch list!!


Favourite #4- Lifestyle

happiness planner

This is the 100 day happiness planner. I found it online when I was looking for something to help me stay positive through the hard times, and can I just say, this doesn’t fail! It’s an absolutely amazing book, you can use it for both journal and diary keeping, so being organised and honest all in one book! It’s really good for self reflection too, so anyone that finds it hard to see the good in themselves, or remember what the point to getting up each day is, I recommend you buy one of these 🙂

Favourite #5- Beauty


I bought this foundation a couple of weeks back and it is phenomenal. Finally a full-coverage foundation that lasts all day, and it’s a 2-in-1, so you don’t have to splash out on a concealer as well! It is a bit pricey but I honestly think you get what you pay for, and if you’re struggling with all the high street brands and find you’re changing your foundation every month because you’re not happy, then THIS is the foundation for you!


And that is the end of my february favourites! I really hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and please comment and tell me your favourites for the month because I love to hear from you too!

Much love XOXO


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