Weight watchers~ Week 1!

Hello everybody, how are you???

So I am on a mission to be healthier, inside and out (as you already know), so I have decided to give weight watchers a try.

Now, I’m gonna be honest, the thought of going to the meetings has REALLY put me off, and because I know lots about how weight watchers worked, I’ve decided to give it a go on my own…well, with my brother anyway.

We are trying the new points plus system, which is pretty cool because you get free fruit ❤ and I love fruit. My daily points allowance worked out to 45 points which, can I just say, it’s wayyyy too many. I can easily eat my three meals and still have 15 points left to snack on crap- so this is a very bad thing! Because of this, I’ve taken my own allowance down by 10 points. I think the reason why I always have so many points spare is I don’t drink any hot drinks that require milk, and for breakfast I have fruit and yogurt, which only works out to 2 points.

This is a very good diet if you’re not prepared to give anything up. It’s mainly about portion sizes and making sure you can weigh your food. You can still have your crisps and your chocolate, you just need to learn to do it in moderation! I find this hard, because I am a self-confessed comfort eater, BUT it’s much better than going without.

My brother has struggled a lot more than me this week, because I have bulked up all of our meals with lots of veggies. The thing I’m struggling with is not to binge eat with my remaining points, especially in the evenings. So now, I sit in front of the tv with a warm pitta bread cut up in slices, and salsa. That way I can still eat dip (one of my favourite things) but again it only costs me 2-4 points, rather than 10 for sour cream and chive dip. and it’s just as yummy!

Here is an example of a days worth of food/points that I consume, and as the weeks go on, I will post lots of yummy recipes that are healthy and low in points. You don’t have to be following weight watchers to enjoy the yummy food!

Breakfast : Natural yogurt and banana (2 points)

Lunch: 3 Ryvita crackers with philadelphia light onion and garlic (6 points)

Dinner: BBQ marinaded chicken breast with salad (4 points) 

Good snacks: Snack a Jacks, grapes, Pitta and salsa

Treats: Timeout bars (2 points), wotsits (2 points) 

I tend to ensure I drink 2 litres of fluid a day as well, which costs me no points as I drink sugar free squash or water in the day time, and enjoy diet coke in the evenings.

I love how free this diet is, because you are still able to enjoy what you really like. The points system is also good because it shows you the food you really enjoy eating, and the calories you consume for the sake of, and don’t really enjoy them.


Overall, I would recommend weight watchers, especially for someone who has a lot of weight to lose. It’s a gentle transition to making positive life changes, and eliminates the fear of wanting to give up after the first 2 days!


I hope you enjoyed my post, and I can’t wait to share my recipes with you! If you enjoyed this, let me know, and maybe I can do more weight watchers inspired posts (such as healthy eating meal plans)

Much love XOXO


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