Yoga and Daily exercises :)


Hello everybody!

Today I want to share with you the daily exercises that I do, to help both my mind and my body! Exercise has become very important to me, it helps me to de-stress and relax my mind, particularly when I’m feeling overwhelmed or very low in myself. The trick for me is it not to be too intense- I like to feel the work out and effect it has had on me, but i don’t like to feel incapacitated for the rest of the day. Also, if you find working out difficult because you’re overweight, it can make you feel worse and almost like you’re a failure because you’re not doing it as well as you would like to. So, I eliminate all of these pitfalls from my workouts, by making them gentle but effective!

The first half of my workout is always yoga! The best thing about yoga is everyone can do it, and it works every muscle in your body. Also, you can follow any tutorial online, you can adapt your routine to fixate on one particular area of your body, to help you wake up, to help you wind down- whatever you need.

One of the best youtube channel that I follow for yoga is YogaTX –

There are several yoga instructors on this channel however, my favourite instructor is Cole Chance. She used to be an alcoholic and drug user, but yoga was one of the biggest things that helped her on her road to recovery. She is now 2 years sober, and uses what she has learned to help make other people’s lives richer. She is an absolute inspiration, and her yoga workouts are insanely good. She has something for everyone. So, if you want to start yoga but feel silly or self conscious about joining up for a class, I would definitely suggest looking this channel up! You can do it at home, in the comfort of your lounge or bedroom, and if you don’t even have a yoga mat, just lay a few towels down or your duvet and it’s a start 🙂

The second half of my daily work out is just me focussing on what I call my “problem areas”. I have a set of 2.5 kg dumb bells (which are plenty heavy enough for me), and I do 3 sets of 15 reps of each of the following exercises:

  • bicep curls, tricep extensions, cross jab and reverse fly.

If you don’t know what these are, you can use the following article to help you:

Also, you don’t need to buy weights to do these exercises, a couple of cans of beans from the cupboard will do just fine 🙂

I end my exercise session with 10 situps, which I love and hate with equal measure. Depending on which yoga session I have completed, they can be very difficult to complete. But I equally love them because they signify the end of my exercises, and I feel good that I haven’t given up.

so there you go, that’s my daily exercise schedule! I hope you’ve enjoyed it and I will see you again very soon

Much love XOXO



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