Hey everyone!

It was my birthday this past week, and I wanted to share what I did with all of you.

I didn’t want to do anything big, I really haven’t been feeling it this year, but I wanted to share it with a few people that are really important to me. I think that’s the most important thing as you get older; not taking time for granted with people that you love. I know the one person I love the most was with me the whole day, whether I could see her or not. But that’s a story for another time!


So this was me on my birthday! The first thing I love to do in the morning is get dressed up and put my makeup on, so I feel good about myself. Then I open my cards and gifts, if I’m lucky 🙂 I had some lovely presents from my brother this year, really thoughtful and sentimental. I know I will treasure them for a long time!

As my birthday was in the middle of the week, most people are at work, so it was just me and my brother. We decided to go shopping, as I got some birthday money for new clothes. So guess where I went?? Yes you know, my favourite shopping place in the whole world: BLUEWATER!! ❤

I was really quite good actually, all I bought were a couple of pairs of shorts and a couple of new tops. I purchased some toiletries from body shop (of course) and a new book to read. It was 28 degrees so we had an ice’cream for lunch and then decided to play mini golf!! The mini golf was really good but it was wayyyy too hot to play. It was like being on holiday but without wearing the clothes for it :p

In the evening, my dad joined us and we have a meal in Bill’s. I would recommend it to anyone! The Skewers for starters and the puddings are to die for!! It was really nice to spend the day with just my dad and brother, I’m glad I opted to keep it low key.


The fun part came yesterday 🙂

My Cousin Paul, and his fiance Katie, came down for the weekend to celebrate my birthday with me and we had a really lovely time. We went to the panic rooms in Gravesend. For those who don’t live near me, the panic rooms are an escape rooms attraction, where you have an hour to solve the puzzles and mysteries and escape the room. We were so close to finishing it, if we’d have had another 20 minutes, I think we would’ve cracked it!! But I would definitely recommend it to anyone. We did the Doll house, which starts with you being handcuffed in a cage. I’m not giving anything away, but definitely give it a try if there’s an escape rooms near you- you won’t be disappointed.

After we finished, we spent the evening in Harvester having a lush meal, followed by watching Dr. Strange back home. Which I have to say, is a really weird film. It’s one of those where it’s either really amazing or really rubbish, but you’re really not sure which it is HAHA if that makes anymore sense. The most hilarious thing about it was every time I looked over at Katie, she just had the most confused expression on her face. I was glad I wasn’t the only one feeling like that :’)

All in all, It was a good birthday. Please write me a comment in the contact box, and let me know what you all get up to on your birthdays.

Much love



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