May Favourites!

I cannot believe it's been 3 months since I did a favourites post! That is madness! May was an absolutely crazy month, and there were so many things I really liked about it, so it's going to be really tough to choose!! Favourite #1: Book I actually read 3 or 4 really good books in... Continue Reading →


Hi everyone! I am so sorry that I have been away for so long. Life has been so hectic recently, but i'm back now and I have so many things to write about. The themes of blog posts that I upload might be a bit scatty for a while, whilst I get back on track,... Continue Reading →

Yoga and Daily exercises :)

Hello everybody! Today I want to share with you the daily exercises that I do, to help both my mind and my body! Exercise has become very important to me, it helps me to de-stress and relax my mind, particularly when I'm feeling overwhelmed or very low in myself. The trick for me is it... Continue Reading →

Weight watchers~ Week 1!

Hello everybody, how are you??? So I am on a mission to be healthier, inside and out (as you already know), so I have decided to give weight watchers a try. Now, I'm gonna be honest, the thought of going to the meetings has REALLY put me off, and because I know lots about how... Continue Reading →

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